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Answers to common questions

Troubleshooting Brief Submissions

Why am I not able to submit my brief?

  • Insufficient Account Balance: If you find that you can't submit your brief, the issue might be that you donโ€™t have enough credits available.
    • Subscribers will need to wait for production on previous projects to be completed in order for the credits to become available again.
    • For PAYG and credit balance customers please contact your Account Manager about renewing your credit balance.
  • Minimum Deliverable Credits: Make sure your brief meets the minimum number of deliverable credits (30). For example, if you're submitting for 20 images and 10 talent credits, your brief needs to be adjusted to meet the requirements.

Managing your account

How do I update my account information?

  • You can update your account information through the profile settings on your dashboard. For more complicated changes, contact your Account Manager.

I am a regional manager, can I have access to multiple brand accounts?

  • At this time, separate logins are needed for each brand. We suggest creating an "" login for each brand.

Understanding Asset Types

What's the difference between various assets?

  • Showcase Gallery: Visit our Showcase to toggle through visual examples of each asset type.
  • Detailed Guide: For a more detailed comparison, like between lifestyle and studio photos, check out our (need to build a guide)

What's the difference between creative styles?

Cost and Fees

Are there any additional costs apart from the quoted credits?

  • After your brief is submitted, your Account Manager will review it. If extra prop and talent budget is needed, it will be covered using your credit balance. On average, the additional cost is between 2-5 credits.
  • Subscription Models: Interested in avoiding additional fees? Our subscription models have no hidden charges and are all-inclusive.

Licensing Options

What are the licensing options?

  • All assets come with an exclusive, perpetual digital license
  • For offline use, an additional 10 credits per asset will be charged.

Requesting Working Files

Can I get the working Photoshop files for edited projects?

  • Yes, you can request Photoshop files for projects that include edits like text overlays. We are still finalizing the pricing for this, so please stay tuned for updates.