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Project Lifecycle

Process from briefing to receiving finished assets

This guide provides a clear roadmap of the production process and project workflow, detailing each step from the initial drafting of your project to its finalization. Understanding this workflow is crucial for a seamless project experience, ensuring that your creative objectives are met efficiently and effectively. Let's dive into each phase of the project lifecycle.

Step 1: Drafting Your Project

Begin by drafting your project brief. It remains in 'Draft' status until submission.

Step 2: Submitting Your Brief

Finalize and submit your brief for review. If insufficient credits are available, the project is queued.

Step 3: Review by Account Manager

The account manager reviews your brief, potentially seeking clarifications, with the project marked as ‘Pending Review’ until it is progressed to production.

Step 4: Commencing Production

Post-approval, the account manager initiates production, booking creators or starting the design process. Credit deduction occurs as the project status changes to 'In Progress'.

Step 5: Initial Delivery

Projects may have an initial delivery of assets, especially for digital creatives, facilitating the revision process. Production of variations will not commence until the initial concept has been finalized. For content creation, early assets might be shared as a preview.

Step 6: Complete Asset Delivery

Upon completion of all assets, the full gallery is delivered, updating the status to 'Delivered'.

Step 7: Requesting Revisions

You can request revisions or retouching, changing the project status to 'Under Revision'. Once the revision requests have been actioned your project will again be marked as ‘Delivered’.

Step 8: Project Finalization

Subscribers can finalize the project, reclaiming credits for future use. Any additional post-finalization content requests necessitate a new brief submission.