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Project Inclusions and Extras

Discover all the options available to you for each project

We've designed an all-inclusive platform that minimizes the overheads and maximizes your creativity. In this help centre section, you'll discover all the options available to you—whether it's choosing the right talent for your shoot, understanding our locations and prop services, or navigating our audio and copywriting capabilities.

Who Does This Apply To?

Feel free to explore the following topics to make your creative journey with us as smooth as possible:

  • Audio Capabilities: Jazz up your assets with everything from royalty-free music to voiceovers.

Talent Options for Your Assets

Lifestyle Talent

Looking to include natural, relatable people or pets in your assets? We can include friends and family of our creators at no extra cost. Just specify broad traits that reflect your end user or target market like "Adult female" or "large dog breed."

Here's an example outline of broad demographics you could request:

Example Broad Demographics
Age Group
Young adult, Middle-aged, Senior
Male, Female, Non-Binary
American, Indonesian, British
Asian, Caucasian, African American
Animal Type
Large dog breed, Small dog breed, Cat

These are just general guidelines. You can mix and match from different categories to align with your target audience. For instance, you could request "Young adult, Male, American" or "Middle-aged, Female, Asian."


  • While we might not be able to fulfill very specific talent requests, like particular physical features or combinations of different talents, we do our best to provide a diverse range of options that fit your creative needs.
  • Our talent pool is rich in diversity and influenced by the local community. We'll always try to match your project's needs with the most fitting talent available in your target market.
  • Since our talent are real, everyday people and not professional models, we don't provide headshots for review. However, if your project requires specialized models with portfolios, be sure to check out our dedicated Model Hire service.

Credit System for Lifestyle Talent

For every 10 credits allocated to your brief, you're entitled to make one Lifestyle Talent request. This allows you to include a friend or family member of the creator, or even a pet, in your photoshoot at no extra cost. Keep in mind that these requests should adhere to broad demographics.

UGC Talent

UGC (User-Generated Content) typically showcases our creators, their family members, or even their pets in a more casual, real-world setting. This option is available at no extra charge as long as you stick to broad creator demographics.

Model Hire

Looking for professional models? We've got you covered. Some of our creators specialize in finding and booking the perfect fit for your project.

With Model Hire, you can tailor your talent to specific attributes, such as:

Example Specific Attributes
Body Type
Athletic build, Curvy, Slim
Hair Type
Curly, Straight, Long, Short
Eye Color
Blue, Brown, Green
Skin Tone
Light, Medium, Dark
Tattooed, No tattoos, Ear piercing
Outfit Style
Business casual, Athletic wear
Over 6 feet, Under 5 feet 4 inches

For added peace of mind, you can review headshots ahead of time, ensuring the talent aligns with your vision. Please note, this customized service comes with extra costs and may take additional time to arrange.

Props, Styling, and Locations


Our creators have access to simple locations like homes and public outdoor spaces. You can request general settings like parks or beaches, but we can't guarantee specific locations. For premium or private locations like hotels or event venues, there will be an additional hire fee.

Props and Backdrops

Our creators are equipped with basic props and backdrops suitable for photography. If your project requires perishable items like food or specific supplies such as flowers, these will need to be purchased separately.

Custom and Specialist Items

For specialized or custom backdrops—such as those with unique colors—an extra charge or procurement time will apply. Likewise, if your project demands specialist props like scientific glassware, you'll either need to provide these or compensate for their procurement.

Audio Capabilities

We offer a range of audio options to elevate your project. Our service includes access to global, royalty-free music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound, as well as the commercial music supplied by TikTok for their content.

If you're interested in adding a personal touch, creator voiceovers are also available. However, please note that our creators use basic sound capture equipment.

For professional voiceover needs, we can provide a separate quote. This option is ideal if you require high-quality audio capture and production

Text and Copywriting Capabilities

Creating compelling and effective messaging is a team effort. Here's how our partnership ensures your content hits the mark:

  • Your Contribution: Initiate the creative process by supplying the concept, hooks, or calls-to-action (CTA) for each asset. This lays the groundwork for us to fully grasp your goals and the outcomes you're aiming for.
  • Our Expertise: Building on your input, our skilled team optimizes the copy to suit the content's specific placement and duration. This step ensures your message not only resonates but is fine-tuned for peak effectiveness.
  • Final Approval: You'll have the opportunity to review and sign off on all copy, ensuring it aligns with your brand's voice and objectives.

Copy Translations

If your project calls for multiple languages, we can assist with translations upon request. This service is perfect for businesses looking to reach a more diverse or global audience.

Copy Variations

Interested in experimenting with multiple hooks or exploring different messaging angles? We've got you covered. Just let us know which elements you'd like to vary, and we'll create a range of copy options for you.

Product Procurement

Need products featured in your content? We can help coordinate that for you. Here are the three ways to get the products to our creators:

  • Direct Shipment to Creators: This is our preferred method. Sending items directly from your warehouse reduces the risk of incorrect or outdated items being used. It also minimizes the chance of packaging damage, ensuring your products look their best in the content.
  • In-Store Purchase by Creators: If your products are sold in major retailers, you can specify up to three store locations where our creators can purchase them. To reduce the risk of wrong items or outdated packaging being bought, it's also recommended that you supply an exact image of the item to be purchased.
  • Online Purchase by Creators: Please provide up to three current, active links to each product. Our creators will use these links to purchase the items online.

Note that all costs for procurement and shipping will be estimated beforehand and deducted from your available credits (PAYG customers), or a quarterly invoice will be provided (Subscribers). If you need the products returned, you'll have to cover the postage or arrange a courier service for the pickup.