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Requesting Additional Content

How to ask for more assets or reshoots

Sometimes things don't go as planned or you have a spark of inspiration that takes you in a new direction. The good news? As a valued subscriber, you have options to make sure your assets are exactly what you need.

Whether you're looking to replace certain assets or explore new creative avenues, we've got you covered. Below, we outline two different reshoot options tailored to meet your requirements.

Reshoot Options for Subscribers

Option 1: Asset Replacement Reshoot

This option allows for the replacement of existing assets from a particular shoot.


  1. Project Status: The project remains in the "Under revision" phase.
  1. Reshooting: New assets are created to replace the original ones. This can take up to 14 days.
  1. Asset Replacement: The newly shot assets will take the place of the previous ones.
  1. Completion: Once you're satisfied with the reshoot, the project is marked as complete.
  1. Credits: All allocated credits for the project are released and are ready for reuse in future projects.

How to Request an Asset Replacement Reshoot:

  1. Navigate to Project Gallery: Open the project gallery where the assets are stored.
  1. Mark & Comment: Select the assets you wish to replace and attach a comment outlining the changes you'd like to see.

Important Note: While we strive for consistency, we cannot always guarantee that the same creators, talent, or locations will be available for the reshoot.

Option 2: Additional Content Creation

This is an avenue for expanding on an existing brief, allowing for shifts in creative direction.


  1. Project Completion: The original project is marked as complete.
  1. Credits Released: All credits initially allocated for the project are released back into your account.
  1. New Brief: A new content creation brief is filled out to specify the requirements for the new assets.
  1. Credit Utilization: Active credits in your account will be used for the new brief.
  1. Production Cycle: The project undergoes the traditional production cycle, from planning to final asset delivery.

Reshoot Options for Credit Balance

If you're on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) or legacy plan, reshoots are available under certain conditions:

  • Legal and Objective Compliance: The asset should be consistent with your brand requirements and meet objective brand guidelines and legal requirements
  • Pack Shot Accuracy: All products must look precise and clear
  • Brief Consistency: The final output should align with what was initially agreed upon in the project brief.

Reshoot Restrictions

Sorry, but complimentary reshoots arenโ€™t available for:

  • Allowable Variances: Understand that perfection isn't guaranteed; some assets in each brief may slightly deviate from the ideal.
  • Subjective Preferences: Personal aesthetic opinions aren't eligible grounds for reshoots.
  • Shifts in Creative Direction: A change of heart after production won't qualify for a reshoot.

You can request the production of your project or assets again from scratch at any time, and the credits will be deducted from your balance accordingly.

When a Revision Might Be a Better Option

Before you jump into a reshoot, consider if your needs could be met through a revision instead. Reshoots involve starting from scratch and may require more time and resources. On the other hand, revisions allow you to fine-tune your existing assets, adding the finishing touches that bring them closer to perfection. If your changes are more about subtle improvements rather than a complete overhaul, opting for a revision could be your shortcut to a satisfying project outcome.


  • Varied Skill Levels: Many of our creators are not commercial photographers; they're talented individuals from various creative backgrounds.
  • Perfection Is Subjective: While we aim for high-quality output, understand that not every asset will be 'picture perfect.'
  • Brief Fulfillment: Our primary goal is to meet the majority of the requirements outlined in your brief.
  • Creative Differences: Due to the subjective nature of creative work, there may be slight variations or artistic interpretations that differ from your initial vision.