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Feedback and Ratings

Reviewing assets and providing feedback

Objective feedback is crucial for tailoring your content creation journey on Creatively Squared. Each project and asset provides an opportunity to understand your preferences and brand vision better. This helps us refine our approach and deliverables, leading to a more satisfying and effective collaboration.

Ways to provide feedback

Rating Individual Assets

Each asset in your project has a thumbs up or thumbs down icon. Click the appropriate one to quickly express your approval or disapproval.

Providing Detailed Feedback

For a deeper dive, the comments section is your space to detail what works and what could be better. Whether itโ€™s a specific element you liked or an area that needs a tweak, your detailed feedback helps us understand your vision.

Project Ratings

You can also provide a holistic rating and leave comments that address the overall project. This broader feedback is essential for guiding the direction of current and future projects.

Interactive Feedback Sessions

If you prefer a more interactive approach to feedback, simply request a call with your account manager by checking the designated box. This allows for a dynamic conversation and ensures that your thoughts are fully captured and understood.