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Asset Formats and Variations

Optimizing your creative across channels

When your campaign requires the same creative concept to be tailored for different audiences, platforms, or markets, we can produce variations of the original creative. These may include changes in format or text to suit diverse requirements. Within the deliverables section, you will find these listed as "Format Variation" or "Text Variation."

Format Variations

  • Adapt for Platforms: We adjust dimensions, resolutions, and file formats to comply with different platform requirements—ensuring your content fits perfectly whether it's for Instagram Stories, a Facebook feed, or a YouTube ad.
  • Aspect Ratios: From square to landscape, we create variations that maintain visual quality and composition across all aspect ratios.

Text Variations

  • Localization: Text is adapted not just for language, but for local dialects and cultural nuances, ensuring relevance and connection with the audience.
  • Copy Adjustments: Headlines and call-to-actions are tweaked to resonate with the target demographic or the specific platform's audience.
  • A/B Testing: Different text variations can be used to test which messaging performs better with your audience for optimized campaign performance.

Each time a variation is requested, it's essential to note that it must be accompanied by an original or master creative. This is a crucial part of the ordering process within our platform.

Concept Changes

It's important to note that if the changes involve different footage, new visuals, or an entirely new concept, this goes beyond a simple variation. Such modifications are treated as a new creative direction and would require you to submit an additional brief.

Our Step-by-Step Process

  1. Initiation with Original Creative: We start the process with the creation of the original concept. Once submitted, this is considered the 'first draft.'
    1. Customers using our Adapt and Optimize service will supply the original creative to be reformatted.
  1. Feedback and Revisions: This draft opens the floor for brands to provide feedback and request revisions, ensuring the creative aligns perfectly with their vision and objectives.
  1. Approval and Production of Variations: Following the review phase and any amendments, the asset is then deemed approved. This green light signals the start of production for additional variations.

Pricing for Variations

For our subscribed members, variations come at no additional cost—a value-added benefit of our service. However, for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers, each variation incurs a cost of 3 credits per output. This fee supports the extra customization and attention to detail required in producing variations that meet your specific needs.

When we create variations from the master creative, each one is customized to suit the intended channel and placement of the creative. This isn't just a simple tweak; it can often involve significant reformatting to meet the precise specifications of the platform where it will be displayed.

Why Is This Important?

  • Platform Optimization: Each social media platform, website, or advertising space has its own set of requirements. A variation ensures your creative looks its best and functions properly on each specific platform.
  • Maximized Engagement: Custom-tailored content to each channel ensures higher relevance and engagement from the audience.
  • Cohesive Campaigns: Despite the variations, maintaining a cohesive campaign across multiple platforms is crucial for brand recognition and message consistency.

Note for Subscribers: A project is considered complete once all briefed variations are delivered. Should you need additional variations after this point, we ask that you submit an 'Adapt and Optimize' brief to proceed.