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Compiling a creative brief

Step-by-step visual walkthrough of how to create your brief

Creating your brief

Looking to kickstart your next project with ease? Our platform makes it a breeze to outline your ideas and get started right away. With intuitive tools and helpful information icons, you'll have everything you need to create a comprehensive brief in no time.

1. Start your project

You have the option to either use our guided creative brief to input your information, or you can upload your own custom brief for our team to write for an additional charge.

Select from:

  • Start your brief
  • Upload a Custom brief - 20 Credits
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For either option you’ll need to tell us some basic information about your project before we get started

  • Project name or title
  • Brand the project is for
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Custom brief

If you're short on time, simply upload your existing documents and our dedicated Account Manager will take care of the rest, providing you with a polished brief for your review.

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2. Guided Brief Outline

Our guided brief is an excellent tool for customers to ensure that they provide all the necessary information required to complete a successful creative project.

It provides a structured framework that helps brands to articulate their requirements clearly and concisely, which ultimately leads to a better outcome all parties.

Choose content style

We specialise in a range of content styles and outputs for brands, from high production values to user-generated content. You can select from three primary types of content for each concept

  • Lifestyle
  • Studio
  • UGC
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Define your audience

Defining your target audience is an important factor in any marketing campaign, and it is important to include this information in your creative brief. Knowing who your audience is will help us create content that resonates with them and communicates your message effectively.

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Outline the purpose of your project

It is essential to understand the underlying goal of your campaign to develop content that will achieve that goal. This information will guide the creative team's decisions and ensure that all creative output is working towards the same goal.

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Provide brand guidelines

Including brand guidlines in a creative brief helps ensure that all creative output aligns with the brand's identity. The dos and don'ts outline specific elements, colors, photographic styles and details that should be used or avoided to maintain brand consistency

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Upload reference images or video

Providing visual references to the creative brief is an important step in ensuring that the creative team has a clear understanding of the brand’s vision and preferences. It can help streamline the creative process, prevent misunderstandings, and serve as an inspiration source for the creators.

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3. Add a concept

The concept is the main idea or theme that directs the visual direction of a photoshoot. It is the basis for all creative decisions, such as the selection of creator, locations, props and art direction.

A good concept should provide a clear vision and framework for the creative team to work within, while still allowing for creativity.

  • Each concept requires a minimum of 5 credits for shooting
  • You can include a mix of content types per concept
  • You can define up to 5 concepts per brief

Define concept

Tell us about your concept

  • Concept overview
  • Description of desired output
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Add your deliverables

This section defines the final output that is to be produced for each concept. They may include a set number of photos or videos, a specific format, resolution, or size.

  • You will be able to select appropriate content types that are suited to your Lifestyle or Studio brief
  • Some deliverables have a minimum order quantity
Deliverables for Lifestyle content
Deliverables for Lifestyle content
Deliverables for Studio content
Deliverables for Studio content


Please describe which specific products or collections you require to be photographed for each concept in your brief. You can add additional line items to indicate if you’d like items to be photographed together or as part of a set.

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Product Delivery

We will need to provide any products to be photographed directly to the creators. All costs of related to product purchase and delivery is the customers responsibility.

The three options to do this are:

  • Customer ships directly to creators - Preferred option
  • Creators purchase products online
    • Customer to provide URL and preferably a voucher code
  • Creators buy products in store
    • Customer must provide location of available stock and reimburse purchase costs
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Please indicate how you would like to set the scene for your shoot by selecting from the provided categories. To ensure a clear vision, we suggest having only one location per concept.

Use the text field below to provide any additional context about the locations you would like to use.

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If you require people or to pets to be featured in your photos we will need to collect some information in order to book the right creator or talent for your project.

Additional fees apply when human or animal faces are needed.

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Full faces and body requests

We will do our best to accomodate all talent requests but availability is dependent on the people and animals our creators have access to.

You may request the following:

  • Number of people
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race and region
  • Other specific requests
See what this looks like in the platform
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Animal requests

You can select from:

  • Number of animals requires
  • Species
  • Size
  • Age
  • Additional notes for any breed or other specifications
See what this looks like in the platform
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You can enhance your brief by adding props. By including specific items that you would like to incorporate into your visuals, you can provide additional visual context to your concept.

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Some specialist or perishable props will need to be specifically purchased for the shoot so it’s important to note these items so we can ensure they are included.

  • General household, serving ware and basic photography props are included
  • All associated costs of purchasing specialist or perishable props is to be covered by the brand
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Post production

You can let us know if your concept is intended to be part of an ad or will require additional post production work to complete it.

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4. Review submission

Once you’ve finished adding and defining your concepts you’ll be able to review your brief summary and credits allocation before it is sent to your account manger.

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