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Revisions and Post-Production

Fine-Tune assets with easy revision workflows for project enhancement

You've just received your new assets and they're almost perfect. Let’s work together to make them exactly how you envision them, with our flexible revision and post-production options

Types of Revisions

A revision involves making changes to an existing digital asset. This could be a tweak in color grading, repositioning of design elements, or altering text in a graphic. Essentially, it’s like giving your coffee an extra shot of espresso; the base stays the same, but you modify it to suit your taste.

Revising Digital Creative

Think of your first delivery as the "first draft." It's normal for a couple of feedback sessions to follow to polish the assets.

Included revisions

  • Two Rounds for All: Whether you're a PAYG or another plan user, you get two rounds of revisions included to perfect your digital creative assets. Additional revisions will be billed separately.
  • Unlimited Revisions for Subscribers: Subscribers, feel free to fine-tune until your heart's content—at no extra cost.

Content Creation Revisions

We always fine-tune to make sure your packshot is spot-on. For more in-depth changes—like customizing backgrounds to match your brand's Pantone color or heavy-duty Photoshop work—check out our additional post-production services. And yes, subscribers get unlimited revisions here too.

How to Request a Revision

Step 1: Identify the Assets

Locate the specific assets (photos, videos, or designs) you want to revise within the project gallery.

Step 2: Utilize the Proofing Tool

Open the asset in the standalone view and use the comment tool to pinpoint the changes you'd like to see.

  • Pro Tip: For videos, you can make time-stamped comments to specify the exact moment that needs adjustment.

Step 3: Marquee Comment Selection

If you need to focus on a specific area within the asset, use the marquee comment selection tool for precision.

Step 4: Account Manager Review

Once you've marked up the assets, your dedicated account manager will review your comments and route them to our post-production team for action.

Step 5: Completion and Re-upload

Expect the revised assets to be re-uploaded to the platform upon completion.

Post-Production Services

When your assets are almost there but need that extra flair or finesse, our Post-Production Services are your go-to. Let's transform "good enough" into "absolutely perfect.”

Video Editing & Digital Asset Creation

For all your video and complex digital asset needs, make sure to utilize our 'Adapt and Optimize' services. This is where we take your assets and transform them into something new, optmised for your channel of choice.

Photo Editing

Our photo editing service offers a range of solutions to enhance the visual appeal of your photos.

When to Use Photo Editing:

  • Brand Consistency: Achieve accurate color matching and tone adjustments to maintain a cohesive brand image across all platforms.
  • Product Image Updates: Rolled out new packaging or updated your product range? We'll refresh your pack shots accordingly, so they're always current.
  • Composite Creations: Bring multiple images into a single, captivating composite. This is art plus science, resulting in a piece that's greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Advanced Retouching: From removing blemishes to enhancing the lighting, we'll polish each image to perfection. This is where good photos become great.

Additional Costs

If you are on one of our unlimited subscription plans, there is no additional cost for post-production work. For PAYG customers, any requests after the initial two rounds will be 3 credits per asset requiring changes, which includes:


Background extension

Background pantone match

Product replacement

Background replacement

Remove or add objects

Conceptual or composite images