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Production Process

Your guide to project timelines and production workflows

Here's a guide outlining our standard production process and timelines for each project stage:

  1. Create Project Brief: Start by filling out a project brief that outlines your creative needs and goals.
  1. Submit for Review: Once your brief is complete, submit it for review. Make sure you meet the minimum credit requirement.
  1. Account Manager Review: Our account manager will review the brief and may reach out for clarifications or suggest changes.
  1. Assign to Creator: After approval, your project is assigned to a suitable creator from our network.
      • Booking usually takes 2-3 days but may extend if specialized skills are needed.
      • 'Adapt & Optimize' projects skip to step 6 as no new content is created.
  1. Content Creation: The creator will develop the assets based on your brief.
      • Standard lead time is 14 days from when the product is received.
  1. Post-Production: After initial approval, our internal team handles editing and any other final touches.
      • Content Creation briefs: Allow 2-3 days.
      • Original Creative briefs: Allow up to 1 week.
      • Adapt & Optimize briefs: Allow up to 1 week.
  1. Quality Check: We review the finalized assets for quality and adherence to brief.
  1. Client Review: You'll get to review the assets and request any edits or variations.
      • Any changes can take an additional week to complete.
  1. Final Approval: Give your final nod once youโ€™re happy with everything.
  1. Project Completion: All approved assets are then delivered, marking the project as complete.
  1. Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable for our ongoing improvement.

Please Note: While we aim for consistent timelines, the following factors can cause delays:

  • Large-scale projects
  • Limited product samples
  • Specialized creator/talent needs
  • Product procurement issues
  • Unforeseen hiccups like reshoots