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Asset Management

Harness the power of these features to make your asset management as efficient and effective as possible

We offer a simple-to-use suite of asset management features that streamline the entire process from selection to sharing. Let's dive into what you can do.

Asset Selection and Download

Download your entire gallery or cherry-pick specific images that align with your needs. This speeds up not only the download process but also the feedback loop.

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Asset Proofing and Revisions

Perfecting your assets can be a creative dance, and we're here to tango. Use our in-platform markup tools to specify changes you'd like to see. If you're a subscriber, you'll be happy to hear that revisions are included in your plan. On a Pay-As-You-Go model? You may incur extra costs for reshoots or revisions.

Gallery Feedback and Ratings

Did the delivered assets hit the mark? Our intuitive rating system lets you express general satisfaction, or you can dive into the details with a text field. Your feedback helps us tailor your future projects to perfection.

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Asset Feedback and Ratings

If you have an eye for details, this feature is for you. Instead of just rating the gallery as a whole, you can provide feedback on each asset. A thumbs up or down gives us quick insight, while comments provide the texture we need for refinement.

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Effortless Gallery Sharing

Sharing is caring, especially when it involves team input or client approvals. Share your completed galleries with just a few clicks via email invitations or direct links. Preview and customize the permissions to ensure everyone sees exactly what they should, and nothing they shouldn’t.

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