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How do I edit a brief once I've started?

Go to your Projects area and click on the project. A project in any status prior to completion will open the brief, a project that has been partially completed or completed will open the gallery. You cannot edit a brief that has been submitted.

Can I delete a brief?

You can delete draft briefs. Use the 'Delete' button when viewing the draft brief. It will confirm if you do indeed want to delete this brief. You cannot delete a submitted brief.

How do I know if my project is being worked on?

Once your brief is submitted the status will change to 'submitted'. The Creatively Squared projects team will review the brief and Accept it or communicate any changes or questions. Once you see your brief in the Accepted status, work has commenced.

Can I edit a brief after I have submitted it?

No edits are able to be performed once a brief has been submitted however you may liaise with your Account Manager.

How can I change my password?

On the login screen, use the Forgot Your Password link. This will allow you to reset your password via a link provided to your email address.

How many do's and don'ts can I provide?

You can provide ten do's and ten don'ts each. A message will appear when you have hit the limit.

How do I add another user to our account?

You will need to request this from the Project team currently who can add more users to your account.

How can I download all the assets at once?

To download all assets, go to gallery and click the Download All button. After a little while this will download everything (including video files) into a zip folder onto the computer.

How can I download just one asset from a gallery?

To download a single asset you can hover over the item in the gallery and click the download icon, or you can click on the asset to view it on a singular page and then select the Download button.

Can I edit a project rating or submit a new rating?

Yes. Once you have rated a project for the first time you will see the option to re-rate the project. Click on this button, change your rating and click Re-submit feedback.

How do I update my profile?

  1. Click on your Name and / or avatar in the navigation menu (or use the three dots)
  1. Hover over the user profile card
  1. Click on the pencil icon to enter the Edit screen
  1. Make edits to the relevant fields and click Save

Can I customise my profile with a headshot?

  1. Click on your Name and / or avatar in the navigation menu (or use the three dots)
  1. Hover over the avatar photo or placeholder
  1. Click to upload a new photo

Where can I see my credit balance?

You can view your credit balance on you Profile page.

  1. Click on your Name and / or avatar in the navigation menu (or use the three dots)
  1. See the credit in the box on the top right
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Credit balances are often manually updated by our team and current balances may need 24hours to reflect recent submissions