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Creating a Brand Profile

How to set up your brand information in one place.

A Brand Profile serves as a centralized repository of key brand elements that contain essential information for creative briefs, such as:

  • Brand books or style guides
  • Guidelines such as legal requirements and Dos and Donโ€™ts
  • Brand assets such as fonts and logo files
  • Colour palettes
  • Reference imagery

If your organization manages multiple brands or sub-brands, additional brand profiles can be created to cater to their unique requirements. These sub-brand profiles function just like the main brand profiles but allow for deviations that better suit the individual identity and needs of each sub-brand.

How to add a Brand Profile

You can access your Brand Profile via the Brand menu item in the left hand bar

Create brand profile

Click on the + to Create a new profile

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Add your logo and basic brand information here. We suggest keeping the written details concise for easy recall by your Account Manager and creators working on your projects.

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To convert a Pantone code to Hex, you can use a free online tool like this one - Pantone to Hex Converter
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Upload inspiring assets or examples that showcase your visual preferences. Feel free to add captions or annotations to provide additional detail or context for each asset.

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Saving and editing

Click the Save button to finalize your profile. You can always add more details or edit this information whenever needed.