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Account Types and Credits

Information on different account plans and how credits work.

Your account is either an unlimited production subscription or a PAYG credit balance. Each account comes with a set number of available credits, which can be allocated towards creative projects.

Subscription Plans

Whether you're managing one brand or multiple, we've got you covered. Your plan comes with a fixed number of "active credits," which define your live project capacity at any moment.

  • Active Credits: Think of these as your production capacity for ongoing projects.
  • Queue System: Submit all the briefs you want. Excess projects enter a queue and kick off as soon as credits free up.
  • Project benefits: Unlimited reshoots, revision and variations

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

This option provides a specific credit quantity that has been purchased upfront.

  • Project Requirements: Minimum of 30 credits needed per project, which you can split across various asset types.
  • Project Limit: Submit as many projects as you like, as long as you stay within your credit limit.
  • Easy Top-Up: If you're running low, contact your account manager to replenish your credits.

Note: If you signed up for an account on the platform before August 14, 2023, you will be on a Legacy plan. For any details regarding credit expiration and renewals, please contact your Account Manager.